What is Vaping?

VAPING – the act of using an electronic cigarette.

A tobacco cigarette is lit on fire by the user, who inhales the resulting smoke into their lungs.  This act is called “smoking.”

Use of an electronic cigarette involves no combustion — no fire, no ash, no smoke. Therefore, early adopters of the technology began to call e-cigarette usage “vaping.”

Instead of relying on combustion, e-cigarettes utilize a battery-powered atomizer.  The low heat generated by the battery allows for the vaporization of the “e-liquid” that is used in the product.  E-liquid generally contains only four or five ingredients — propylene glycol and/or vegetable glycerin for a base, as well as flavorings, distilled water, and optional nicotine.

To vape, the user will pull from a mouth piece at the top of an electronic cigarette. Once the battery is activated, the battery sends power to the atomizer located on top of the battery. The atomizer then heats up the e-liquid solution and turns it into a vapor.